News Flash: Have you heard of the HCG Diet?

I have been working with my patients regarding weight loss for 25 years, along with my wife, Personal Trainer, Peggy Price. I have extensively researched how people gain weight, why they get fat and have also developed very successful weight-loss programs.

Last year, keeping up with my interest in the field, I was introduced to the manuscript Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons. I want to pass this on to anyone who has struggled with their weight or is freshly deciding to do something about those bothersome extra pounds.

Safe, Rapid and Successful Weight Loss! 

Dr. Simeons is the source of the most incredible Rapid, Safe and Successful weight-loss program that I have ever run across – bar none! Our clients lose 15 to 25 pounds in a 30 day time frame. YES, 30 days! Lose fat from those hard to lose places! Keep your muscle. Safe for men and women.

We offer this diet program on my website. Again, I want to state this is not difficult, not uncomfortable; as a matter of fact most people have increased energy, a feeling of well being and sleep like a rock! It really seems like magic to many of the people on it.

Why NOT Homeopathic HCG? 

Homeopathic HCG is available all over the net but is not REAL HCG and does not contain the actual hormone. So the effects will not be the same. The homeopathic will not give you the benefit of real HCG.

The homeopathic version will not protect your muscle and organ tissue and will not prevent rebound weight gain. It does not protect your muscles from being broken down and it will cause your structural fat (good fat) to be broken down. REAL HCG targets ONLY the abnormal fat reserves, so it takes it from all the hard to reach places.

There are many HCG impostors on the internet. Don’t fall for the hype. Our program is the REAL HCG diet, not homeopathic! You will be SUCCESSFUL!!

Maintain the Weight Loss

Using real HCG on the Diet Magic program resets the body’s ability to MAINTAIN the weight- loss you achieve and regulates a new metabolic state.

How to Get Started

I am offering a free copy of Dr. Simeons’ manuscript on my website. Our diet program consists a way to order Real HCG and an HCG Liquid conversion kit. No injections.

It takes three easy steps to get started. Step one is to download the book and read it. All the information you need to get started is there. Step two is to order the whole diet kit right there with a click of a button! Peggy offers online diet consulting with the kit. Step three should be done at the same time, and that is ordering the HCG from the pharmacy.

Click here for more information on the HCG Diet.