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Tip #11: Indigestion


The Cause of Acid Indigestion, Acid Reflux and Heartburn

All these are caused by incorrect digestion (indigestion) but before we discuss indigestion, I first want to explain digestion.  Digestion is simply the processes of the digestive system that allow molecules of water to be placed in between the molecules of food. This prepares the food so that the food is small enough to be used by the body. 

There are two steps of digestion. 1. protein is broken down by acid in the stomach and then 2. in the small intestine, bile and enzymes breakdown the rest of the food into even smaller pieces, and then this is used right away or goes to the liver for further processing.  The food then goes through the wall of the small intestine, into the blood stream and then moves out of the blood vessel wall and is used by individual cells of the body.

Indigestion means difficult or no digestion: the body can’t break the food apart completely.  This is either caused by 1. not enough acid to break down the protein or 2. not enough enzymes or bile to break down the rest of the food.

Understand this:  The major cause of indigestion is overeating.  After the stomach is assaulted with a huge meal, it cannot process the large quantity of food easily, since there is not enough acid to fully break down the protein.

As the food turns to a liquid it is very acid and because there is so much pressure, it goes back up.  This is what has come to be called acid reflux (reflux meaning an abnormal backward flow of body fluids). This can also be caused by a flaw in the valve between the stomach and the esophagus.

The worst thing to take is an antacid because it will not allow your protein to digest and therefore the food that you ate will give you less nutrition.  Most people with acid indigestion need more acid to get the job done faster and this can eliminate all the discomfort associated with indigestion.

The cause of indigestion is simply a lack of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and/or lack of water. See my earlier tip on water to ensure that you are drinking enough water.  Food that is not totally broken apart goes into the colon and rots and causes putrid smells and toxins. 

HCL is the acid in the stomach used to digest protein and is available as a supplement.  The body does not have a limitless amount of HCL.  When you overeat at breakfast, the stomach produces a large amount of acid.  Then at lunch the body is fatigued and it still makes some HCL and by dinner it is tired and can’t produce enough. 

The Chlorine in the Hydrochloric acid is manufactured from salt. Some people who are on salt restricted diets usually don’t have enough salt and should take HCL.

Symptoms of not enough HCL are bloating and acid indigestion. Fingernails that have long stripy bumps that come up the nail can indicate a chronic deficiency in HCL. Too much hydrochloric acid causes nausea.

Also, with not enough HCL the body doesn’t breakdown the protein sufficiently and prevents calcium from being absorbed and leads to weak discs and weak bones and leg and foot cramps.

Even though you might be taking calcium, you may not be absorbing enough calcium because the body needs a lot of HCL to properly absorb calcium.

Then the discs don’t get enough protein then they weaken and that can then lead to neck and back problems and disc damage.

Solutions to Indigestion

1. Eat less food.  Try this for one week.  Just cut back on how much you usually eat. Smaller, more frequent meals are better for your system.  The amount of protein ingested at each meal should not be more than the thickness and size of your palm.

2.  Take 2 to 15 HCL tablets with each meal.  This supplement of HCL augments the acid that is used in the first step of the digestive process.  This tablet is available from our office. 

3. Pancreatic Enzymes are very important as they assist in the final step in the intestinal digestive process. These are available at our office.

4. Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes also assist in the digestive process, but they are not as effective as pancreatic enzymes for this problem.

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