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Tip #9: Headaches



Many people view a headache as a medical problem to be directly addressed and resolved. But I have found that most often a headache is simply a warning signal, like a check engine light on your car and can be caused by many different things.   

Water and Food  

If someone is getting headaches the first thing that I check is if they are drinking enough water, or eating enough meals.  

Start by making sure that you are drinking ½ oz of water per pound per day. Drinking more water to alleviate headaches is often a solution. After 35 years of age the natural thirst reflex will diminish in a person. Caffeine increases the amount of water needed by the body. This includes tea, soda and of course, coffee. Drink a half ounce per pound of body weight per day.  

Also, eat 6 to 8 times a day. Begin with breakfast, then have lunch, a snack, dinner, snack and eat just before going to bed.  This resolution might be immediate or take up to 6 weeks to handle the headache. Snacks can be apples, each meal needs to have some protein, some veggies, and the final meal should be carbo and protein like cereal and milk or bread and peanut butter.  

Organ and Gland Stress 

Headaches can be triggered by organ or gland stress and by treating the organ or gland we can alleviate the headache. When an organ or a gland begins to get stressed or get stressed, it requires and demands much more nerve energy communication. Due to this abnormally high nerve communication the body can react, causing tender points to occur at the base of the skull, along the top of the shoulder in the back (the trapezius muscle) and right next to the vertebrae where the communication is taking place. Checking these points allow me to discover which organ is presently under the most stress, triggering the headache. My treatment consists of neutralizing or eliminating this reaction followed up by a treatment or program to eliminate the stress in the offending organ or gland.  

Another common source of headaches can be liver and pancreas stress. Dehydration can cause liver stress.  

Headaches can also be caused by food allergies. If you suspect this, you can get tested for food allergies or try a food elimination diet. Food elimination diet begins with eliminating most commonly eaten sensitive foods such as eggs, cheese, meat, wheat or corn, start with the food they like the most and eat the most. Another way to check is to eat apples for 3 days or do a liver cleanse and then add a food every two days. Add eggs, and then wheat, then 

In some cases a person with Type B blood can have headaches triggered when they eat chicken.  

An analysis can be done to find out what causes a headache. About 85 to 90 percent of the time we can find the headache and sort out what triggers the headache. There are 3500 known reasons for headaches. (It is sort of the body's "check engine" light.) 

Some of the more common triggers are chronic dehydration, organ stress, bad digestion, toxic buildup, misalignment of neck or spine causing muscles spasms, and reactive transitory hypoglycemia (see below)..  

Many of these problems can be addressed nutritionally to get a result. Begin by checking food, water, sleep, minerals and vitamins. 

Headaches can also be caused by misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. Migraines can be worsened by having exhausted or weak adrenals. (For adrenals, see other tip. 

The basic minerals that the body needs are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chromium, zinc, molybdenum and iron. Women need iron, men need zinc. Take these daily for a month and see if that reduces headaches.  

I have been able to help a percentage of the patients with pancreatic stress. In this case the body is battling and dealing with hypoglycemia.  This is often caused by reactive (in response to something they have eaten or the fact that they have not eaten) transitory (not chronic) hypoglycemia (hypo - not enough or low, Gly - sugar and emia refers to blood) - low blood sugar which suppresses the whole system. I found this to be one of the leading causes of headaches. 

Rollercoaster in sugar food that eat breaks into sugar, higher glucose, harder the pancreas has to work to keep that under controls and then not enough sugar and pancreas has to be suppressed and  

and next most is intestinal problems having to do with eating or not eating and sugar and starches. Try a simple dietary change to see if it controls the headache.  

1. Drink correct amount of water

2. Focus on low glycemic foods (see: www.drpricecd.com/glycemic)

3. Don't go more than two and a half hours without eating.

4. Calorie intake needs to be pretty even during the day, no big meals.

5. Take multiple mineral, particularly 200 micrograms of chromium and a B-complex. 

In severe cases, food has to be consumed in middle of night, if you wake up, whether you are hungry or not. 

Keep an Eye on Your Progress 

Write down what, when and how much you eat and exercise to help you to be aware of these factors.  If you like you can track your calories; there are simple internet tools that can help you. Weigh yourself each morning and write it down.  As you do this, think over the day before. What helped you to gain or lose weight?  What will you change today or repeat from yesterday, so that you lose today. 


Who should get my tips? 

We are looking for more email addresses.  Who do you know who would want to get a tip from me each week?  If you send me more than 20 email addresses, I will send you all of my tips!  The simple handling is to prepare an email with their names in the To: box and then cut out the addresses and put them in the body of the email.  I do not need to know the names that go with them.  (We check our addresses for duplicates.) 

Detoxify your Body 

Start a high quality, comprehensive cleansing program. Excess waste can be preventing the absorption and utilization of nutrients.  We have a very thorough and effective two-week cleansing package. The purpose is to cleanse the colon and liver, helping you to lose your extra pounds and break habits that lead to weight gain. It’s a great trigger to start off your new eating plans!  Call the office to order our liver cleansing program.  Commit to a two-week cleaning for your body and pounds will come off more easily! 


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