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Daily Power Vites - 30 servings
This combination of vitamins and minerals is designed to give a full spectrum supplementation for all the body's basic functions.

CalMag Vites
This is a unique blend of six different calciums with magnesium. The body requires various calcium's each day for normal function. Dr. Price formulated this proprietary blend to take care of all your calcium needs. Like all of Dr. Price's Vitamin's, which are made with highly absorbable powder, his Cal-Mag is no different. It incorporates nicely with water and is very pleasant to drink.



Above All Diets
by Dr. Stephen Price
After you have achieved your ideal weight loss What do you do to live your life normally and Diet no more! This book will show you how to maintain your new shape and size!
$20 plus $7.50 S&H

Pounds and Inches
by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons
This 40-page manuscript will give you the theory, research and development behind this program. It is very important that you read and understand this free manuscript so you understand the program. This is a free download.

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