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About Peggy and Stephen Price

Peggy and Stephen Price


Dr. Stephen D. Price

Dr. Stephen Price has been a preeminent chiropractic physician for more than thirty years. He is also certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

In a career that has spanned these three decades, and the care of more than 100,000 patients, Dr. Price has pursued a parallel line of scientific and medical research seeking to identify the optimum nutritional supplements for the human body.

This research has included the development of a proprietary software program that generates a state of the art nutritional evaluation of patients' blood. Such a program had never been developed before.

This lead him to a remarkable breakthrough in the development of the bioavailability of supplements.

The result is a new line of powdered vitamin / mineral supplements with Advanced BioAvailability. They absorb into the bloodstream and the cells without the need to be broken down in the digestive system. It is malfunctioning digestion systems that cause many of the problems people have properly absorbing their purif vitamins.

This new class of vitamins and minerals delivers dietary supplements into the cells like a nutritional laser.


Peggy Price

Peggy Price has been in the health care field working in conjunction with her husband Dr. Stephen Price improving clients health and nutrition for 30 years.

As the Administrator of the Shaw Health Center Clinic for many years she worked closely with Medical Doctors, Homeopathic Practitioners, Chiropractors and Nutritionists.

Peggy is certified in Sports Nutrition, Prenatal Exercise and Nutrition as well as Exercise Rehab, Personal Fitness Training and Chiropractic Assistant.

Peggy is an experienced "Doula" i.e. a professional labor and delivery coach. She teaches natural childbirth classes privately and helps each couple through the birthing process.

Peggy specializes in one-on-one care for all the areas of her expertise.

Peggy brings all of her experience and expertise to the professional consulting on our Diet Magic HCG Program. She has been consulting our diet program with great results for several years. We have a superior product with excellent prices.

Peggy will be your Diet Magic HCG consultant online daily to help you in every way to reach your personal weight loss goals. She can be reach at peggy@drpricedc.com